20/20 Imaging 715A-BD Bi-Directional X-Ray

  • 20/20 Imaging 715A-BD Bi-Directional X-Ray

20/20 Imaging 715A-BD Bi-Directional X-Ray

Custom Built X-Ray Units for Your Practice Needs.

Product Description

The 715-BD was designed for Superior imaging performance and convenient patient positioning for the Podiatry professional, as well as for Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Radiographic applications. Built in the USA.

The 715-BD incorporates a Standard Frequency Generator to provide maximum mR/mAs, and has a microprocessor output of 70kV at 10mA. With its 0.5mm focal spot x-ray tube, and high output generator, the model 715-BD provides exceptional Image Resolution and Faster Exposure Times Foot and Ankle Radiography. FDA Approved.

This x-ray unit can be used with conventional film screen technology*, or as a part of a complete Podiatry CR/DR-system. *Upgrade later to a 2020 CR or DR system!


  • UL & CUL Listed
  • 1/2 Radiation Dose
  • Twice as Efficient 0.5mm Focal Spot Extends X-Ray Tube Life. 
  • Qualifies for ADA Tax Credit 
  • Versatile Sensor Positioning Improve Patient Throughput 
  • 3.5in Low Base Improves Step Height for Patient Use
  • Patient Support Rail System Allows Access from Side or Front 
  • Tilt Head System for AP/DP View
  • 29" SID AP/Oblique View
  • 36" SID Lateral View 
  • "HF" Series Proprietary Tube
  • Low Voltage Exposure Switch
  • 5 Year Mechanical Warranty
  • 3 Year Tube & Electrical Warranty