Del Medical Apollo EZ

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Del Medical Apollo EZ

In the wide range of radio-fluoroscopy systems, the Apollo and Apollo EZ remote controlled tables have stood out over time for their unique and innovative features, making them particularly valued by users for their extensive application capacity, their ease of use and excellent image quality. These features make them among the most appreciated products by radiology professionals.

Product Description

This appreciation reinforced in Villa the idea that for these remote controlled systems, it was important to take another step towards innovation. So some features already introduced in DRF digital systems were integrated, also in the analogue versions, to consolidate the availability of advanced technologies and features throughout the entire product line, which enable any operating requirements from specialists in the industry to be efficiently met.

The features of the updated versions of the Apollo and Apollo EZ remote controlled tables allow additional and decisive improvement of the performances, obtained by introducing important technical innovations and streamlining the methods of use by the operator. This results in greater operating flexibility, an optimal workflow, and therefore a further increase in productivity.

The aim of increasing these system features of versatility and operational efficiency to a higher level led the Villa R&D team in the design of the innovative DR-Wi version of Apollo and Apollo EZ. This version, specifically optimised for use with wireless digital detectors, revolutionises the multifunctional use of the remote controlled table by combining, in a single integrated system, basic R/F applications with those typical of a digital radiographic room. All with a really low-cost investment.