Tiger DRX-C Podiatry

  • Tiger DRX-C Podiatry

Tiger DRX-C Podiatry

Most Advanced Cesium Flat Panel DR and X-Cel X-Ray Solution 

Product Description

Tiger DRX-C is the only true DR Panel X-Ray detector solution for the podiatry market. Using modern CESIUM technology provides superior image quality. Tiger DRX-C allows podiatrists the logical and modern solution when converting to Digital X-Ray or upgrading from older technology.

Tiger DRX-C comes with a handled detector encasement that is designed for increased maneuverability and durability. Our specialized encasement has been designed to fit exclusively into our ADA conformant orthoposer. At 3.5” tall, it’s simple to position patients using X-Cel’s exclusive tilt-head, bi-directional functionality.

TigerView is a Podiatry Specific PACS software that understands the needs of the practitioner and has been developed with 30+ different podiatry measurements. Comprehensive AP and Lateral tool sets provide for quick and efficient patient diagnosis. Reward yourself with the newest and most logical workflow designed to simplify the experience and enhance the interaction as you look at superior image quality.

TigerView offers complete turn-key solutions. Available upgrades to the DRX-C solution: Wireless panel, TigerView CLOUD, TigerView Mobile, TigerView Portal and TigerView back-up.


• X-Cel bi-directional x-ray generator
• X-Cel ADA compliant ortho-base
• X-Cel ergonomic panel encasement
• 23” computer
• TigerView Podiatry PACS software
• Five viewing software licenses
• Bridges to EMR, EHS & PMS
• On-site install and training


• 4.5 lbs for 10×12, 6 lbs for 14×17
• Panel available tethered or wireless
• 6 second image acquisition time
• Directly integrates with TigerView software
• No cassettes necessary
• 2 year warranty on X-Cel electrical
• 5 year warranty on X-Cel mechanical
• 5 year warranty on x-ray panel
• X-Cel bi-directional tilt-head x-ray included